View Full Version : things i like, things i dont like!

11-23-2005, 07:52 AM

I like lots of things..Music: Rock, metal, heavy metal, alt metal, punk, grunge (ya get the idea) these are my fav types of music....Films: anything with Jay and silent bob in it, horror, thriller, comedy (anything that makes me jump or laugh)..Sports: Any extreme sports!! I also like sitting by the river and thinking about things (been doing that alot...but its getting to cold now), being on the computer! being with mates (lucy, tom, geri, jodie, mo, alom, luke) those guyz make me laugh...Your all nutter's...just the way i like it!! animals (dogs, tiger's, dolphins, elephants and lizards! Iguana) and lots more..i just be arsed to write them all!!


I dislike lots of things...people who are rude, ignorant, selfish, people who hurts kids or animals, when its very very cold, romantic films, when people i care about dont talk to me or express theirselves on how they feel, i dislike it when you want something but cant have it, when it rains, when your favourite t.v programme gets cancelled, when my mum nags at me (everyone dislikes that), and i hate the fact that im in love with someone and i know that he doesnt feel the same about me! and lots more..i just be arsed to write them all!!