I need your help guys,

Do you guys know any games that are interesting, and will be fun that are $9.99 or less. The reason I'm asking is because www.gamestop.com is having sale and if you purchase any in-stock PC game valued at $9.99 or more, you receive any in-stock PC game valued at $9.99 or less absolutely free!

I'm trying to think of some games that that might be $9.99 or less that might be on that site?

My type of games would be all around, like
Action, Adventure, Cards , Casino , Rollercoaster/Amusement/Theme Park Games

This sale is for online only is says right on their site. Do not try to go into the store and get the same deal because it won't work. I hate when people try to do this in the store I work at (It's not Game Stop but its a retail store) but we don't let them, then get angry and get an attitude with us when it clearly states online only on the freaking coupon, and they know it, they just don't want to order it online.

I do have tons of money in Best Buy gift cards. I tried going to Best Buy yesterday to see if they had the game, before I knew about the sale, but they didn't have it. Should I used my Best Buy gift cards the $19.99 game if Best Buy has it today, or pay $19.99 and get a $9.99 or less game for free? What would you guys do?