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Read This Before Posting
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    Exclamation Read This Before Posting

    Please Read Through the Requests Before Posting. This Prevents Repeat Posts.

    We DON'T rip DVDs.
    We DON'T do Movies.
    Don't Request them, because you will get banned.
    We do rip music videos off tv and bootlegs.

    Did I Mention We Don't Rip TV Shows??
    Cause We Don't
    So Dont Request them...only request the live performances from the show...

    Don't request stuff from bands that we have been asked to not support!!! (read the terms)

    This makes it a whole hell of a lot easier for all of us to figure out what is when.

    Please do NOT double post requests. They will be deleted.

    Please do NOT use this forum to bash bands or promote bands. Offending posts will most likely be deleted. This is referred to as flaming and spamming.

    Try to restrict your posting to alerting us and fellow music fans of new video releases to tv channels/networks and to live appearance dates and times. Post again if that time changes or when more information becomes available. There is little need to keep "bump"ing a post weeks or days in advance of an appearance. Use your sense. Bump a "lost" topic, but not an active one. If you feel the need to "chat", there is a forum for that called Videopimp Chat or the Bands section.


    Only use the "REPORT post" function to alert forum admins to a problem with that particular post. DO NOT send off-topic comments or questions that require an answer, as your forum-user information is NOT sent along with your report and the admins will have no idea who you are or how to reply to you.

    Once an appearance date has come and gone, allow us the time to finish and perfect a video release. Sometimes our vid will be done within hours, other times within days. We'll try to let you know. This distribution service is a privilege, not a right. For all of us. No whining, and scarce impatience. Thanks.


    Please check the (fully searchable) release list, either here or here before you post a request for a vid. If the vid you are looking for is in the list then get on IRC here . If it is not in the list please do your best to get the channel and date/time the vid can be found. The more information you have the better chance you have of your vid getting ripped. Lastly, please view this site here before you post a request, to see if we can even rip it for you. Also, read it before you make a mistake that will get you banned from IRC or any other part of Videopimp.


    And we don't rip streaming vids, so get over it. (see the pic below. It's funny, BUT TRUE!)

    Moderation Team

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