Just kinda started this thread to post up the mods I do... should grow over time.

PROJECT ONE: Playstation 2 Controllers for PC

How to do it?
- Buy generic PS2-to-USB controller adapters (will include drivers and external adapter)
- Disassemble them, and bend the controller socket so it's pointing straight up from the board
- Use a dremel to cut holes in the computer case in the shape of the ports
- Optionally, drill holes for any buttons or lights that are on the board
- Insert the hardware and epoxy it directly to the back of the case (epoxy is not electrically conductive, but you should test it to be sure)
- Paint the sockets to match your case (optional)
- Connect the USB end to your computer: Either
A - Splice the wire into a USB header end and plug directly into your motherboard
B - Install a USB expansion card (with an internal slot) and plug it in there (using another USB hub if you need to... this is what I did)
C - Run the cables out the back through an empty card slot, then plug into the USB ports there

Now you're ready to install your favorite emulator, download a bunch of ROMs, and game like it's 1985!