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    Default Incubus-Art or 2nd Hand High

    Incubus-Art or 2nd Hand High

    Incubus Rocks!!!

    I think...I can't remember...I think I was high.
    Seriously. I don't smoke, or drink for that matter. But the amount of drugs that were going on around me should have brought the DEA in an onslaught.

    But I have to digress for a moment for the ladies.
    And I need to have a moment. I am not a Brandon Boyd fan. Too skinny. What the hell has he had in his ears all these year? But holy crap. The boy has changed. Buff, muscular, taken the crap out of his ears, gotten a haircut, the works. Ok, drooling over. Back to the music.

    I have seen Incubus 3 times in concert. They are the least consistent group on the planet. The first time I saw them, bored off my ass. Literally Brandon sat there with the bongos and sang their least known songs, with no energy. No idea why I saw them again, except to say that I really liked Light Grenades.
    Really glad I did because it was one of the best shows I've ever been to in any genre. It had energy, it had entertainment, the sound was great, audience interaction.
    (I didn't get back stage to lick Jose) but I won't linger on that.

    This last one was in July 09 at Meigs Field in Chicago. Which is where the last one was at, so logically I thought. Ok, it will rock. What I will say is it didn't suck.

    But people think sometimes. Maybe I'm just old. The 14 year old chimney smoking the unfiltered cigarettes in front of me with the smoke blowing behind him, totally was irritating the shit out of me. I totally felt like punt kicking him.

    Then people behind me with the weed, ugh. So it came to a point in the concert where Brandon and the boys did acoustic and I think they wanted it to look artistic. And they actually did do a good job, however 14 yr old lung cancer surviver and hemp users did put a damper on the experience for me. But that's just me, and I'm just bitter about not getting backstage this time.....like they didn't have weed there....riiiight.....

    Lick ya later..


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