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System Properties Trick
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    Talking System Properties Trick

    In the SYSTEM32 folder there should be a file called 'OEMINFO.INI' If there isnt,make it using

    Notepad. ("SYSTEM" directory for 98)

    Put the following lines in OEMINFO:

    Manufacturer=(Type here without brackets)
    Model=(Type here without brackets)

    And thats it! What you typed will appear in the system properties page under "Computer"

    To set a picture for the "Manufactured and Supported By:" section,move any picture ending in BMP

    to the SYSTEM32 folder,then name it "OEMLOGO.BMP". ("SYSTEM" directory for 98)

    Also a good way to remove this part of that pesky Compaq/HP/companyhere branding from your new PC

    (apply instructions in reverse).

    File Attached to show what it looks like (note, I did not do this, someone else's screen shot)
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